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Is it the dreams that make us real? [entries|friends|calendar]

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Happy Birthday to meeee [10 Jan 2006|02:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]


I'm 18 today
I couldn't be happier

Last night i spent a great night
With my Trisha, Ashley, and Danielle
They will always be true best friends
No matter what <33
Although the location was kinda corny
The company was the best part
And made the whole night better than expected

Tonight i'm going to dinner with my family
Should be a gooood time

Wednesday i'm celebrating my birthday with Jon
I can't wait
We've had a rough week or so
And things are finally getting back to normal
And feeling right...
I don't know what it is about him
But he makes me know for sure that no matter
What the outcome or pain that may come from all of this
That where i am now
Is EXACTLY right where i want to be
And he is exactly who i want to be with

Well happy birthday to me =)

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Well i may have faked it [30 Dec 2005|12:20am]
[ mood | sad ]

Today is one of those day

Where i got to see what true friends are

And that no matter what fights may have occured

True friends are always true friends

<3 thanks


Along with today

I realized not a whole lot of people care too much about me

Or at least it feels that way today



I miss isaac

I miss him real bad

I miss simplicity

And no worries

I miss summer

Warm air

The beach

And all the things that seemed to slowly fade away in my life



To those i may have hurt, or ever made to feel like less than really they are

I apologize, and i mean it

From the bottom of my little heart

I am sorry


New years resolution....

Stop caring so much

Lighten up

Have more fun

Laugh more

Love more

Smile more

And never stop being me, for anyone



<33 & such

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hm [27 Dec 2005|03:27pm]

Quick update


I am well

Very well

The last update

Please dont read it

I was upset

And in over my head at that point

But now i am happy and everything has smoothed back out


I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!


Well thats about it



♥ into another nightmare

[29 Nov 2005|11:38pm]

i take back the previous statement...i really do

**I'm not, not sure,
Not too sure how it feels
To handle everyday
Like the one that just past
In the crowds of all the people

Remember today
I've no respect for you

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hmm [27 Nov 2005|01:36am]
Im happy

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